Dubai, UAE

Al Barsha South

Under Abdul Wahed bin Shabib's direction, the Al Barsha South Building project embodies modernity and sustainability in the heart of Al Barsha South. With sleek design and eco-conscious features, it promises a harmonious blend of elegance and functionality, poised to redefine urban living in the area.

Surveillance System

Elevate security at Al Barsha New Building with our cutting-edge surveillance system, ensuring peace of mind round the clock.

Higher Security

Discover the AC community hall at Al Barsha New Building, a dynamic space fostering community engagement and events.

Ac Community Hall

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Landscape Garden

Experience serenity at the landscape garden of Al Barsha New Building, a tranquil oasis amidst the urban hustle.

Firefighting System

Enhance safety at Al Barsha New Building with our cutting-edge firefighting system, ensuring rapid response and protection against emergencies.

Children's play area

Elevate family living at Al Barsha New Building with our vibrant children's play area, fostering joy and exploration in a safe environment.

Al Barsha

Dubai, UAE

  • Supermarket: 200M
  • Airport: 2,790M
  • University: 250M
  • Hospital: 500M
  • Bus Station: 150M
  • Park: 1,500M
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